I like my Humble Pie with Ice Cream: What now Habs?

Rise and shine Habs fans, it’s a new day, how ya feelin?  Ok, no one likes a smart-ass, especially on Monday, especially following an embarrassing loss on National TV in a game meant to celebrate hockey’s rich and storied culture.  4-0, I’ll give you a second to digest this one…4-0…final score.

Sunday’s Heritage Classic was everything a fan would want:  glitz, glamour, frozen Molson Canadians, Metric, fireworks, and visuals.  Everything…if you were cheering for the Flames.  Fans of the hometown Calgary Flames (and some Montreal fans) braved the –20C weather, stayed loud and proud throughout the contest, and truly made this spectacle a success.

For the Habs and their fans, digesting a big platter of humble pie (on the eve of the rookie dinner, just to rub it in) was not what the brainiacs in Habs management had in mind once embarking on this Western road trip.

I’m not saying the Habs should press the panic button, but hopefully, the button’s not far out-of-reach.  The countdown is on for Jacques Martin and Pierre Gauthier to make the necessary changes (if any), whether it’s personnel or strategy (I choose the latter).  Tick-tock, tick-tock gentlemen…

I’m not going to crap all over the players in this post; my focus is on one person.  Montreal Canadiens Head Coach, Jacques Martin’s approach to the game is antiquated, it’s outdated and each of the 29-other teams in the league have dissected his ‘system’.  Martin prides himself on following every intricate detail in his ‘coaching book’.  I, along with the millions…AND MILLIONS…of Habs fans and Rainier Wolfcastle (McBain) from ‘The Simpsons’ realize what should be done about Martin’s book:

And here we are, Habs locked in 6th place, other Eastern Conference rivals (Rangers, Hurricanes, Sabres and Thrashers) can be seen in the rear-view mirror, 22-games to go, losers of 6 in their last 7 with no answers to some very pressing questions.

While everyone in the Habs-Quartier prepares to storm the ivory tower (Bell Centre) with flaming torches upon the Canadiens’ return from Western Canada or next ‘questionable’ acquisition (please say no to Souray and Kovalev), Montreal has one more stop to go.

The Habs travel to Vancouver to visit Canada’s best team in the NHL, the Canucks, tomorrow night at GM Place.  Full https://johnnybertolo.wordpress.com preview will be posted tomorrow.

Until then…your move Gauthier, your move


Like I promised…

My alcoholic cousin finally awoke from his slumber and uploaded the Heritage Classic photos/videos I demanded graciously asked for:






4 responses

  1. Right on. Job one is not to fetch new players, it’s to give the ones they already have a strategy that allows them to shine! If Martin can’t do that, he should be put out to pasture.

    Love the McBain clip!

    And last night’s game wasn’t just a national broadcast – it was also a big deal south of the border (for those who weren’t watching the NBA). Nice way to represent on such a stage!

    Great post!

    February 21, 2011 at 11:44 am

    • We have to meet up for the next #HabsTweetup! Would love to ‘talk shop’ in an open forum with other Habs nuts!

      Cheers Kyle, thanks for reading!

      February 21, 2011 at 1:24 pm

  2. Tyg

    I can manage the part that says “no big deal” because in the grand scheme of things – it isn’t. The Habs are still in 6th. Not going to even attempt the “All Things Possible with Jesus My Lord & Saviour”. It’s a bit much. Even with ice cream.

    February 21, 2011 at 11:54 am

    • LOL, thanks for commenting. I agree, the, “All Things Possible with Jesus My Lord & Saviour” was a bit much. But I am not the creator (the Internet’s a wonderful thing sometimes). I actually found that chart on Google, but, if we must, ‘Jesus’ CAN be interpreted to represent, ‘Jesus Price’, hopefully?

      Oh well, ICE CREAM FOR ALL!!!!

      Cheers and thanks for reading!

      February 21, 2011 at 1:23 pm

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